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Maple Grove PTO


Spring Break is Almost Here!

Here is to ISTEP successfully being over and Spring Break to commence!

Just a reminder, thanks to a successful Fall Fundraiser, we will NOT be hounding you this Spring for any fundraising efforts! Feel free to open emails without worry and enjoy the activities coming up. Our Fall Fundraiser will kick off in August--watch for more to come!
Please check out the two new tabs (look left) on our PTO site:  PTO Major Expenditures and Presentation Slides from PTO Meetings. Our Board strongly believes in keeping everyone in loop on where our major expenditures go, so we will update this Pie Chart periodically to keep everyone in the know. Also, we have had some excellent staff presentations at our meetings, and the staff have graciously allowed us to post their materials so everyone can benefit. Please take a look and thank you again for all the effort they put in.

Our Annual PTO business meeting will be on May 8th at 7:00.

Our Spring Book Fair has been moved to May 8-14th, so watch for more fun info on this annual Spring event!

On behalf of your PTO Board, we look forward to seeing you at our next meeting and around school!






Last Modified on March 12, 2014