In order to participate... 
You must have an athletic physical on file with the Athletic Director.
You must have a passing grade in all 2nd 9 weeks classes. 
 SWIMMING -Try-outs – High School Pool
December 14 5:00-6:00
7th and 8th Graders Only
 SWIMMING -Try-outs – High School Pool
December 18 5:00-6:00 
6th Graders Only
DIVING -Try-outs – High School Pool
December 14 5:00-6:00
6th, 7th and 8th Graders
*You will not be getting into the water for diving tryouts.* 
Sign-ups will be in Dec. 9-11 at school during lunch
Must have a physical on file in the AD office before tryouts start.
Girls - Casey Hedeen
Diving - Scott Klein
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