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HONORS Vocabulary:

-->Unit 1 Flashcards! (Class, you can thank Isaac for making these! :))
 -->Unit 2 Flashcards!  (Class, you can thank Isaac for these, too! :))
Unit 3 Packet
-->Unit 3 Flashcards!  
(Thanks to Isaac and Sam!)
Unit 4 Packet
-->Unit 4 Flashcards! 
(Thanks to Isaac!)
Unit 5 Packet
-->Unit 5 Flashcards! 
(Thanks to Isaac!)
***Don't forget to go back and review past words/units because they'll probably pop up on future quizzes sporadically! :)
Using www.flashcardmachine.com, you can created flashcard sets for our vocab units. You can study your words, take the online practice quiz, and even print the cards. You will have to sign up (it's free) as a member of the website to do all of this.  You can even download the words to study on your iPod (that is at a cost, though)!  

Evaluating Authors' Style:
*Figurative Language
*Grammatical Structure

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