Center Grove Community School Corporation Textbook Fees
  • Textbook Rental Due Date- As soon as you receive your student's statement
  • Textbook Assistance - You may qualify for free Textbook Rental.  Applications provided at school, printed from here, or submitted online.  (Due before October 31, 2013.)
  • Payment Arrangements - If you are unable to pay your Textbook Rental in full you must fill out a Textbook Rental Payment Arrangement Application and submit it to your child's school.  
  • Lost/ Damaged Textbooks - If you child loses or their textbook is damaged you will be charged the full replacement price of the book.
  • Unpaid Textbook Fees - You will be given a statement and a reminder from your child's school for your fees.  If you fees are not paid by the date given, you could be turned over to collections.  For past due accounts, please contact our collection agency.    
  • Returned Checks- In order to recover these funds in a private and professional manner, we have contracted with CHECKredi, LLC, a company based in Lexington, Kentucky for collection of returned checks.
  • State of Indiana Textbook Code - The Textbook Rental Fee is established within the Indiana Code (IC 20-26-12). Like the vast majority of school districts in our State, the Center Grove Community Schools choose to use this funding mechanism instead of utilizing General Fund dollars. The Center Grove Community Schools believe that our students are best served by using the General Fund to pay for hiring teachers and providing instructional support.
  • Textbook Selection Process -  Like every other school district in the State of Indiana, the Center Grove Community Schools  has a textbook adoption process in place to make sure that we select quality instructional materials every six years from the adoption list prepared by the Indiana Department of Education. Districts must choose materials from this list (or the state continued)  or submit a waiver by June 1 for approval to use materials not on the state adoption list.  A committee of parents, teachers, administrators, and students meet monthly throughout the school year to examine materials and make their final recommendation to the superintendent and school board approves the textbook selection book, rental fees are established accordingly.  
  • Textbook Adoption - The State establishes a six year cycle for textbook adoption for each curricular area.  The State Adoption Committee determines the materials that will be available to districts on the state adoption list.
 - Social Studies - Spring 2009
 - Math - Spring 2010
 - Science & Health - Spring 2011
 - Misc. (Art, Music, Business Industrial, and Family & Consumer   Sciences)
 - Spring 2012
 - Reading and Handwriting - Spring 2013
  -Language Arts and World Language - Spring 2014
Last Modified on July 17, 2013