Bamboo Bucks (individual)               Students can earn individual "Bucks" for good behavior. They will be able to use these Bamboo Bucks at the end of year to purchase items from the Bamboo Buck Store.                                                                                 
Bananas for Good Behavior
The class will earn bananas for good behavior. When  they earn 25 bananas they will earn a surprise.
"Lions, Tigers, Bears, Oh My!"
The students will pull sticks for poor behavior. The following will be his/her consequences for that behavior.
Tiger5 minutes off recess
Bear15 minutes off recess
Oh MyAll recess taken away and letter home
**Although recess is a time to get out and run, I feel that recess is also a privelage. If a student is not following classroom rules the privelage of playing at recess will be taken away.