January  2014
The Center Grove Technology Department has been awarded one of the 20 Digital eLearning Grants by the Indiana Department of Education. This $75,000 grant will allow us to continue to refine our 1:1 initiatives and help others with their plans!

December  2013
 The Center Grove Technology Department has been highlighted by Skyward for its streamlining of operations and improvement of user experience.  Read this recently published case study to find out the details of this spotlight showcase! 
November 2013
 The Center Grove Technology Department has been selected as one of the six districts nationally to watch for best practice technology integration by Graphite - Common Sense. Check out the article!
October 2013
Center Grove High School's Mobile Mind project is highlighted in the Daily Journal.   In its story, "Grade: E-Plus", CGHS student reports "We basically use the iPad for everything"!
September 2013 
 Center Grove Global Campus is highlighted in the Daily Journal article entitled "In Class Online".
 Center Grove High School teachers are highlighted for "flipping their classrooms  in the Daily Journal article entitled Flip the Script"
August 2013
Center Grove High School goes 1:1 with iPads in an initiative called Mobile Minds. 
July 2013
Indiana University formally develops research partnership with Center Grove Tech Department's Online Initiative - Center Grove Global Campus - read press release http://education.indiana.edu/news/2013-07-22-02.html
March 2013
Digital newsletter http://tinyurl.com/DLDprojects that highlights the special projects and activities teachers planned for our annual "Digital Learning Day".
February 2013
 Center Grove Community School Corporation Technology Department has been named as a Finalist for the Techpoint Mira Awards.  http://www.techpoint.org/finalists2013
November 2012
Center Grove Community School Corporation Director of Technology, Julie Bohnenkamp, has been named the Tech & Learning Magazine's annual Leader of the Year. This prestigious award honors forward-thinking technology leaders who use technology in innovative ways to help teachers teach and help students learn. Julie will be profiled in the December issue of Tech & Learning, along with three other winners from across the country. Congratulations, Julie! Check out the article!  
Center Grove Technology is once again in the national award circle!  Congratulations to Jenna Garber and Kristi Watters whose video and iPad lesson was selected for ISTE's Learning on the Go contest! Check out their award winning lesson and video!  Download file.
Center Grove Community School Corporation is pleased to announce our new online program, Center Grove Global Campus. As online education cultivates viable pathways for students seeking choice and flexibility in how they learn, Center Grove Global Campus is our response to a growing need to educate learners in new and innovative ways. Our online courses will develop students’ capacity to think critically, work collaboratively, and interact with content in an engaging manner. Center Grove High School is planning to launch 17 online courses in Summer 2013. The courses are designed to attract highly-motivated students seeking opportunities to earn high school credit over the summer. Likely candidates will include students who seek flexible scheduling or more choices in course offerings. The online curriculum is developed and taught entirely by Center Grove’s highly-qualified educators. More information will be available on the Center Grove Community School Corporation website in January 2013. To stay informed on our progress, please follow us on Facebook at facebook.com/centergroveglobalcampus or Twitter at twitter.com/cgglobalcampus.
October 2012
CIESC highlights Center Grove's iPad Project in their Teach Indy Innovation in Education series http://teachindy.com/video/43984866
Julie Bohnenkamp, Center Grove Technology Director, will be a national speaker at the upcoming School Library Journal - "The Digital Shift" event on October 17. http://www.thedigitalshift.com/events/ebooks-and-beyond/speakers/#k12 discussing Tablets in the Classroom and the shift towards e-curriculum.
Center Grove Technology/Discovery Education Science Techbook project has been nationally recognized by the Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools. Check out the case study in collaboration with Discovery Education. Watch the video highlighting Superintendent Arkanoff, Dr. Wendy Kruger, Director of Curriculum, Julie Bohnenkamp, Director of Technology, and Amy Traut, PGES Teacher.
June 2012
Center Grove hosted an iPossibilities Conference at Center Grove High School on June 11th, 2012.  Over 550 parents, teachers, administrators, and technology integrators from 60 different school districts in Indiana and surrounding states attended and learned valuable lessons about using iPads in education.  Watch a promotional video from the Indiana Department of Education highlighting the days events.  View program guide, archived videos from keynote and sessions, and handouts here.
Center Grove Community School Corporation was selected as one of 23 school districts from across the U. S. as a winner in the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Passion-Based Learning Video Contest!  The winning videos will be featured during the keynote sessions at ISTE 2012 Conference in San Diego, California.  Links to these digital resources are posted on the ISTE website (http://iste.org/pblcontest).
Discovery Education sent film crews out and created videos highlighting two teachers - Amy Traut (PGES 5th grade) and Jeff Karns (MSN 7th grade) - effectively utilizing the Discovery Education science techbook in their classrooms.  Watch the videos here: "Never Doubt the Traut" and "Jeff Karns' 7th grade"
April  2012
Center Grove Technology Department obtains a grant for $15,000 to plan an iPad Conference Day on June 11 at Center Grove High School. It will be free to any teacher, parent, or administrator in the state.  Sessions offered will include "Best Free Apps", Paperless Meetings, iParent, Driving into Differentiation and more! 
WIBC highlights Center Grove's Kindergarten iPad project - "Center Grove Scoring Success with iPads" 

March 2012
Center Grove Technology Department obtains $100,000 to expand the digital eLibrary (K-12) and iPads into the first grade classroom.

February 2012
Jeff Peterson, outstanding IUPUI alum and Fulbright Teacher Exchange winner, was featured on IUPUI's School of Education homepage.  Six Questions with an Alumnus Educator: Jeff Peterson.
January 2012
Daily Journal Articles highlighting Center Grove's Digital eLibrary entitled  "New Chapter in Reading" and "Librarians Weigh Choices."

November 2011
Discovery Education highlights Center Grove's Digital Science Tech Book project.  Videographer's onsite to create promotional video of the district's work.
Fall 2011 Technology Newsletter


·         Short reviews on eReader devices

·         Suggestions for website resources

·         Video Highlighting Andrew Smileys’ Digital Classroom at CGMSN

·         Teacher Book Picks (elementary, middle, and high school) from CG Digital Library!

Article from the Daily Journal highlighting Innovation grant from the DOE for iPads in the Kindergarten, Special Educaiton and ELL programs. 


August 2011

CGCSC Launches Digital eLibrary with a visit from the Bookmobile on its national tour. Checkout the eLibrary site at http://centergrove.lib.overdrive.com.


Center Grove Community School District Technology Department is highlighted in a national case study for its use of Epsilen in the classroom.  Read case study...


April 2011

Center Grove Community School District Technology Department is awarded a $200,000 classroom innovation grant from the DOE. This grant will integrate slate technology (iPads) into the Kindergarten, Special Education. and ELL classrooms in the elementary. In addition it will allow the district to create a district-wide eBook library with Nooks avaialble for checkout in the media centers. Read Daily Journal article.

March 2011

CGHS Students highlighted in video on the use of Epsilen in the classroom.Watch video.

ENA (Education Network Agency) highlights Center Grove's Big Universe eBook project in March newsletter.

Indianapolis woman magazine CGMSC's iPad ENL project.

February 2011

Indiana University Student Newspaper - "Indiana Daily Student" highlights Center Grove School District's iPad project.http://www.idsnews.com/news/story.aspx?id=79555


January 2011

During the past few months, many of our teachers have been very successful in bringing new technologies into their curriculum. Click here to view the CG Technology newsletter in an effort to highlight these projects.


November 2010

Technology Department played a key role in the live Skype session to a soldier in Afghanistan for a large audience at Center Grove Middle School North's Veteran's Day program. Channel 6 highlights the story.


October 2010

T.H.E. Journal highlights Center Grove in case study success story for its virtualization project. This project supports the Early College 1:1 laptop initiative as well as other "cost-savings" initiatives. Read article.


August 2010

VMWARE highlights Center Grove in case study success story for its virtualization project. This project boasts sustainability, cost-savings, and increased offerings to teachers and students. Read case study.

iPad project is rolled out to CCGMSC ENL students. Channel 13 highlights the story. WISH TV also highlights the story


June 2010

T.H.E. Journal (Technological Horizons in Education) highlights the Center Grove iPad Pilot project in this article. In addition, the Daily Journal highlights the launch of Center Grove ENL's Program iPad project. Read article.


May 2010

CEO of the "Big Universe" website visits West Grove Elementary to conduct a "case study" of the students' use of this online reading and writing program.


April 2010

North Grove Elementary schools 1:1 Laptop Grant Program has students highlighting in the article entitled "The Real Smart phone Revolution: How Tech is Making Kids Smarter Everywhere . Read article.


January 2010

Center Grove Technology Department is awarded $150,000 Learning Technologies grant from the Department of Education to advance technology in the elementary classroom. This funding will provide "project carts" for the elementary classrooms which will consists of laptops, microphones, and mini HD video cameras. Read article from the Daily Journal highlighting this project.

Students at Center Grove High School highlight Center Grove Technology Department's VMWARE virtualization project in a humorous video about saving energy and money.



November 2009 

Epsilen recently highlighted Center Grove's project in a case study. Read article discussing the ways that teachers have used this tool to breakdown the walls of the classroom for 24/7 learning.


September 2009

Center Grove Technology Department is awarded $150,000 Learning Technologies grant from the Department of Education to advance technology in the classroom for Center Grove Middle School Central and Center Grove Middle School North. Read article highlighted from the Daily Journal.


August 2009

Center Grove Technology Department rolls out first 1:1 Laptop Initiative for Early College Small Learning Community. Students will connect via a "virtual desktop" using VMWARE View. Read article from the Daily Journal. For more information about the Early College Small Learning Community, read article from the Daily Journal.


June 2009

Center Grove Technology Department collaborates with Johnson County School Districts to offer the first "Johnson County Technology Institute". Read article from the Daily Journal.


May 2009

Center Grove High School becomes one of the first schools to adopt online textbooks in the county. Read article from the Daily Journal about how the Senior Economics classes will use laptops in lieu of traditional books. Read article. Indianapolis Star also highlights technology use in the classroom at Center Grove Middle School North. View photostory. Another technology initiative was highlighted in the Indianapolis Star on May 16th involving our " target=_blankreal time" student achievement assessment using the eInstruction response systems. Read article.


April 2009

2nd grade laptop project is rolled out at North Grove Elementary School. View Video. Project highlighted in Daily Journal. Read article. Multimedia classrooms highlighted in Daily Journal. Read article.


March 2009

Early College 1:1 Laptop project is approved by the board. Project is highlighted in the Daily Journal. Read article.


February 2009

Center Grove's Superintendent, Dr. Steven Stephanoff, received eSchool News Tech Savvy Award.


January 2009 

Epsilen Newsletter

Center Grove teachers share how they use Epsilen to enhance student learning and increase communication in their classroom.


November 2008

Center Grove Technology Department is awarded $29,700 by the Indiana Department of Education for a Second Grade Laptop Project. This project will fund the implementation of 1:1 low-cost mini-laptop technology in each 2nd grade classroom at North Grove Elementary.This is a statewide research grant that will study student achievement and engagement in a 1:1 computing environment.All students in the second grade and their teacher at North Grove Elementary will receive a laptop running Linux and Open-Source software.These students will be allowed to take home the laptop for a variety of homework assignments.During the school day, the laptop will be a major component of their curricular instruction


September 2008

Epsilen project is highlighted in the Daily Journal discussing the impact that this project has had on students' interactions with their teachers in an electronic learning environment. Read more...

In-Access grant is awarded to Center Grove Schools for $178,800 to transform five high school English classrooms in a 1:1 learning environment. Teachers will participate in extensive professional development to provide 21st century learning to their students in their classroom via computers utilizing open-source software. Desktop computers for each student (30 in each classroom) will be installed.

All high school freshmen will be creating electronic portfolios within Epsilen as part of their required Keystone course.Read more....


August 2008

Summer projects consisted of:
  • Server room move to the new Education Service Center
  • Launched new website design on August  
  • Training of 210 teachers and staff on Outlook/Office 2008 and 85 teachers on Epsilen
  • Migration from Groupwise to Outlook 2007
  • Migration of Office 2003 to Office 2007
  • Upgrade of 950 computer stations across the district
  • Installed 50 multimedia classrooms across the district
  • Installation of a new computer lab the Center Grove High School
  • Installation of the new VoIP phone system at ESC and Sugar Grove Elementary
  • Initiated a SIF project which will allow for the automation and generation of student accounts for all systems
  • Obtained two grants for 1:1 classrooms at $189,900 and interactive website development for $8,000


July 2008

Center Grove School Corporation's Technology Department obtains an Indiana State Library Association grant to develop interactive media center website posting student created-ebooks, video book reports, book forum discussions, etc.

June 2008
T.H.E. Journal highlights Center Grove in utilizing the Epsilen environment turning the traditional electronic portfolio into a diverse personal learning space, putting students at the helm of their academic experience. More...

April 2008 

New technology training will open soon! There will be a new technology training center for staff in the new Education Service Center. This facility will be open in early May.


January 2008

Center Grove Community School Corporation has adopted a new data warehouse software for the district that will provide administrators, teachers, and parents' access to assessment data. Academic progress will be stored, tracked and analyzed from the time students enter a school district until they leave it. Various reporting tools will deliver real-time reports that can be shared by teachers, administrators and authorized personnel district-wide, providing current information to data-driven decision making.


December 2007

Parents and teachers can take advantage of the Microsoft Student Select program. This program offers significant discounts for purchases of Microsoft Office 2007 for home computers. Letters will be distributed to all teachers and parents. Please contact the HELP Desk at 317-882-1055 for more information.


November 2007

Center Grove Multimedia Classroom Project Highlighted in Statewide Buddy Project Newsletter articles entitled "Teacher Drive + Technology = Success!"

"I am thrilled to be using the multimedia system. It is a simple, smart, effective use of technology in the classroom. I can quickly and easily switch from computer to document camera to video, and be moving around the classroom while I interact with students," says James McAdams, Science teacher at Center Grove High School. Find out more about his district's Multimedia Classroom project by clicking on this link.

July 2007 - "Multimedia Classroom" Project Approved by School Board

110 classrooms across the entire district will have a full multimedia classroom installed. Teachers will participate in professional development over the course of the 2007-2008 school year and share ideas in an electronic collaboration portal, "Epsilen". Project highlighted in the "Daily Journal" in article "Schools Moving Beyond the Overhead Projector"


July 2007 - Center Grove's New Project Highlighted in Daily Journal

Center Grove commits to a Fall Pilot of the Epsilen Educational Networking Tool. Project highlighted in the "Daily Journal" in article "Networking tool focus of fall pilot program at Center Grove"


June 2007 - Grant Awarded

The Johnson County Community Foundation, Inc. has awarded the Center Grove Technology a grant for a project entitled, "Web-based Desktop Video Conferencing to Support Technology Professional Development for Center Grove Teachers". This grant will explore utilizing desktop videoconferencing for delivering professional development at the convenience of a teacher's classroom computer to reach all teachers throughout the district.


June 2007 - Student E-mail Launches

Center Grove Community School Corporation supports students participating in 21st century learning which includes electronic collaboration. Beginning the Fall 2007 semester, all 6-12 grade students will be given a student e-mail address within a system called gaggle.net. http://www.gaggle.net This systems designed to provide safe filtered e-mail for students in educational environments.

Last Modified on March 3, 2014