Social Studies
"Those who never learn history are condemned to repeat it."
- Unknown
     Social Studies is an extremely important content area which deserves considerable attention in today's schools. In fifth grade, the major focus of the Social Studies curriculum deals with the history of our country, the United States. The students will begin the year studying geographical concepts to gain a better understanding of the physical features of our country. Following the geography unit, we will dive into a study of Native Americans, the earliest inhabitants of our country. From there, we will continue to progress through the development of our country, touching on European exploration and emphasizing the Revolutionary War. A great deal of time will be spent studying the United States' Constitution and the implications it has regarding the functions of our country today.
     The students will be studying the States and Capitals. All fifth grade students in the Center Grove School District are expected to learn the fifty states and capitals.  Students will be required to construct flashcards to assist their learning and will be given time in class to participate in different activities to aid their memorization. There will be a number of quizzes as the students work to master these concepts.
     During the year, the students will be working on a variety of projects, many of which incorporate technology, writing, and oral/speaking skills. We allow them to critically explore their own views about history and the current society in which we live.

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* Chapter 1 - Our Nation's Geography
* Chapter 2 - Native Americans
* Chapter 4 - Building the First Colonies
* Chapter 11 - The Young Republic
* States and Capitals Practice Games