Q: Do students take the iPads home?

A: Students do not take the iPads home at this time.

Q: Do the students pay a usage fee?  (Is that different for day-users and take-home users)

A: There is no usage fee at this time. 

Q: How did you pay for iPads?

A: We were awarded a $200,000 classroom innovation grant from the DOE.  This grant helped us integrate slate technology (iPads) into the Kindergarten, Special Education, and ELL classrooms at the elementary level.  In addition, it allowed us to create a district-wide eBook library with Nooks available for checkout in the media centers.

Q: What is your textbook situation: No books? Online text books? Open source? Combination? Classroom sets?

A: At this time, we are still using textbooks in conjunction with our iPads.

Q: How do you handle homework/assignments for students that are day-users or students that have lost use due to discipline consequences?

A: The teachers determine their discipline policies.

Q: Are you using an Internet filter for content at school and at home?

A: We use Lightspeed for our internet filtering system.

Q: What is your discipline policy for misuse?

A: The teachers have decided what their discipline policies are.

Q: How do you handle students that have not charged their iPad?

A: We have charging carts in each of the classrooms.  The teachers make sure the students plug them up to charge when the battery percentage is getting low.

Q: How do you handle students that have left their iPad at home?

A: N/A.  Our students do not take their iPads home.

Q: Can students/teachers download any app they want?

A: Currently teachers do the downloading.  They can download any free apps that they want.  We purchase the paid apps at the district level, store them in FileWAVE, and the teachers can install them once they have been purchased and designated.

Q: What is the process for pushing out apps/updates to all students?

A: Periodically the teachers will go through the student iPads and run all of the updates.  To push out apps, we utilize FileWAVE.  We purchase the apps from one computer at the district level, store them in specific containers (etc. Kindergarten, ELL, Special Education), the teachers open an app called App Portal which displays the apps that have been purchased, and they can then install the apps they want the students to have.

Q: Do you use ARD to monitor students? Who monitors?

A: We do not use any programs to monitor students' iPad use at this time.

Q: Do students have their own network account to login to the iPad?

A: No.  The students do not log in to their iPads.

Q: If multiple students are using a cart iPad how is individual student work saved?

A: Most of the iPads the students are using have been set up with generic email addresses specific to that iPad.  The students can take screenshots, email parents or teachers their work, etc.

Q: Do students have the same login to iPad and their Windows network account?

A: The students do not log in to their iPads.

Q: How many repairs are you sending to Apple each week?

A: Zero.

Q: What software productivity packages are you using: Office, iWork, Open Office, Google Docs?

A: On our desktop computers and laptops, we are using Office products.

Q: Are students doing any standardized testing on iPads? ISTEP, Acuity, ECA?

A: Students are using AIMSweb products for benchmark and progress monitoring.

Q: Do you require teachers to use iPads a certain percent of their instruction?

A: There is no required percentage.  We feel that even if we did set a requirement, teachers would exceed that.  They are very excited to use them any chance they get.

Q: Do you have a fulltime person in-charge of the program?  Are they a certified teacher?  What is their role: instructional, technician, administrative?

A: We have many people who are helping with this program.  The key people include a director of technology, two technicians, and two instructional technology specialists (who certified teachers).  We also have a data integration manager who is helping run reports and track the student achievement data.