2015 Speech Presentation Dates =
Mon. 4/20, Tues. 4/21, Weds. 4/22, & Thurs.4/23

Quick Videos for Presentation Tips

on pg. 8-9 of your speech packet:


Handouts & Helpful Tools

 Formal Outlines
  • Remember: Use Roman numerals to list each MAIN topic, then enter down and tab over to use letters to list the details that you'd like to present under each main topic.
  • Example 1(While the website isn't designed well, it has great information!)
  • Example 2 (How to Make a Formal Outline in Word--this is very detailed, and possibly too specific for some of you.  Others of you might really benefit from this "How to" though!)
  • Outline Tutor--Use this to type in all of the pieces of your outline in the correct format!  
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