Achievements in Academics & Arts
A-F GRADES 2014-2015
Center Grove is proud of the grades achieved by all eight schools on the state’s A-F Accountability Report for the 2014-2015 school year. All eight schools received an “A” or “Exemplary” rating.

Accountability Grades 14-15
The Department of Education assigns the scores and letter grades to schools as one indicator of school accountability. Principals use this information to help guide the goals within each school improvement plan, which in turn impacts the professional development given to staff and the focus of teachers with students.
Students in grades 3-8 take the ISTEP+ exam each spring to measure their knowledge of Indiana Academic Standards for their grade level. 70% of Center Grove students who took the ISTEP+ test in the spring of 2015 passed both the English and math portions of the test (see chart below). 

Third grade students take the IREAD to test their reading skills before they can move on to grade four. 96.1% of Center Grove third grade students passed the IREAD assessment in the spring (see chart at above).

Center Grove students consistently achieve 10 to 20 points above the state and national averages on all three areas of the SAT exam (see chart below). Center Grove works individually with students to meet their college and career goals.
SAT Scores 2013
Over the last 5 years, Center Grove has seen a 31 percent increase in the number of ACT test takers. During that time, scores have remained steady at nearly 7 percent above the state average.
For more performance data on Center Grove schools, click here for the IDOE Compass Data Dashboard.