Center Grove Community School District: High Ability Program


Mission Statement

The mission of the Center Grove Community School Corporation is to develop knowledgeable, confident, and responsible citizens by providing an extensive learning experience relevant to the interests and capabilities of every student, in partnership with the home and community.

Definition of High Ability

Realizing that some students have academic needs that are different from their same-age peers, the Center Grove Community School Corporation (CGCSC) defines high ability students as those who require services and educational experiences not ordinarily offered in the regular school curriculum in order to develop demonstrated or potential aptitude, leadership, and creativity.

Related State Definitions

According to the Indiana State Board of Education’s Rules, definitions related to high ability students and programs are included in 511 IAC 6-9.1-1 Definitions. The following definitions from this Indiana rule which are pertinent to the CGCSC’s high ability programs are listed below:
“High ability student” means a student who:
(1) performs at, or shows the potential for performing at, an outstanding level of accomplishment in at least one domain when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment; and (2)  is characterized by exceptional gifts, talents, motivation, or interests.
“Program” means educational services differentiated in depth and breadth designed to meet the needs of one or more high ability students through activities such as compacting, acceleration, enrichment, problem solving, and creative thinking.
“Differentiated” means providing tiered levels of services for all educational needs.

Philosophy and Guiding Principles

We believe every human being is of value, with the right to optimal development.  Each person is unique from all others, and we must not only acknowledge this, but base education upon methods of developing and utilizing uniqueness.  We are committed to an educational process that recognizes the special value and needs of the individual student.  Providing opportunities and experiences for students who demonstrate high ability in academics and creativity is an integral part of this commitment. 
The CGCSC offers a wide variety of academic programs and experiences for students in kindergarten through grade twelve.  Some programs, especially those at the secondary level, have prerequisites which students must accomplish before moving to the next level.  For other programs, students must demonstrate their readiness and ability through class work and performance, standardized and class/course assessments, and other measures of academic achievement.
Many factors influence student academic ability, including social maturity, home environment, and experiences outside of school.  Based on research in the field of gifted/talented education and to ensure the most accurate identification of high ability students, the CGCSC does not “officially” identify students until the end of third grade. Many high ability students demonstrate exceptional academic performance prior to fourth grade. In those cases, staff collaborate with each other and work to differentiate instruction within the classroom and/or school to academically challenge these students.
The CGCSC’s identification process primarily focuses on actual student performance, not the potential for performance.  Students are expected to demonstrate high ability prior to placement in a specific program or class and maintain a high level of performance while in the program. 


The goals for students in the high ability programs offered by the CGCSC are as follows:
Students will:
  •  master basic skills while partaking in differentiated curricula and/or instruction to accelerate and/or enrich their knowledge in specific academic areas,
  • explore a diversity of differentiated experiences, which develop high level thought processes,
  • develop advanced study skills through the application of independence, self-direction, and self-evaluation,
  • analyze, evaluate, and apply research to develop high quality products,
  • increase their understanding and respect for individuals with varying ability levels through the development of communication skills and interaction with diverse people.

Screening and Identification for High Ability Program

The Center Grove Community School Corporation conducts annual screening and identification for its High Ability Programs. Students currently enrolled in grades 3-7 are screened for possible placement in the programs. Students with scores of 120+ on the InView cognitive skills test, along with one or both Pass Plus scores, qualify for further screening and are tested for possibile admission into the High Abiltiy Programs. Additional testing is administered by a data team. After scores are recorded and analyzed, students and parents are informed of the results and possible Extended Learning or Honors Program placement for the next academic year.
For further information about the High Ability Program, please contact Pam Burnett at the Education Service Center, 317-881-9326 or e-mail Dr. Wendy Kruger, Curriculum Director at
Last Modified on September 27, 2011