Speech-Language Therapy


What are Speech and Language Impairments?

Speech or language impairments are communication disorders such as stuttering, impaired articulation, language impairment or voice impairment that adversely affects a student's educational performance.
Please call your child's home school and ask to speak with the speech-language therapist if you have any questions or comments. 

Developmental Preschool 

PRC: Lisa Joubert 881-9326 x1587 and Courtney McFadden 881-9326 x1590

Elementary Schools


CG: Judy Proctor  881-1720 ext.6539 
CGMSN (Essential Skills): Judy Proctor 885-8800 ext.5121

MG: Amy Barrow  881-0561 ext. 8050 
NG: Melissa Wilkinson  881-5653 ext. 6248
PG: Sara Milano  887-8525 ext. 7234
SG: Erica Hilgefort  887-4707 ext. 3042

Middle Schools

CGMSC: Melissa Wilkinson  882-9391  ext. 2409
CGMSN: Teresa Trinosky  885-8800  ext. 5121

High School

CGHS: Becky Pina  881-0581 ext. 4403