Athletic Philosophy
Center Grove Middle School North Athletic Philosophy
As the Athletic Director for CGMSN, I would like to welcome an opportunity for all students to participate in some athletic activity throughout the school year. To ensure students are given every opportunity to explore, without conflict, sports seasons and schedules are arranged so there is no overlap in seasons.
A strong middle school athletic program is one in which emphasis is on individual skill development, team concepts, sportsmanship, and learning to enjoy one's participation in the sport. It is vital that the best fundamental teachers and coaches be placed in the middle school program. These coaches must enjoy working with middle school aged students and not be overly concerned with wins and losses. They should emphasize teaching, encouragement and nurture the development of each participant. Through their coaching they impact not only sound fundamentals, but the true love of the game. Equally important are coaches who are looked on as strong role models for their players.
In summary, middle school is a different place - it is not high school. Middle-level students are in a different stage of development physically, emotionally and maturity levels vary. Many students will move forward from their middle school athletic experience and become successful high school athletes. Some will end their participation at the middle school level. Both outcomes point to a successful program if all participants have had the opportunity to explore fully their interests and have grown to appreciate their opportunities as enjoyable experiences in learning.
Athletic Director
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Last Modified on May 8, 2013