Athletics Forms/Info
Pre-Participaton Evaluation Physical Information 
A completed pre-participation evaluation form, dated after April 1st, 2017, must be on file with Center Grove Athletic Department prior to participation in any middle school sport for the 2017-2018 school year.
  • IHSAA Pre-Participation Evaluation Physical form
  • The PPE form must be signed by a physician (MD or DO). No pre-signed or pre-stamped forms will be accepted. 
  • The Physician license number must be affixed on page 2
  • The parent signatures must be affixed to the form on pages 1 and 4
  • The Student-athlete signature must be affixed to pages 1 and 4
Along with the PPE form, Center Grove requires the following documents be included. 
These forms may also be completed online via Rank One Sports.
The Athletic Trainer and Center Grove Athletic Department will be notified when all forms have been completed.
Additional Information