Drama Club 
Drama Club is an extra-curricular activity for selected students in grades 6-8 at Center Grove Middle School North.  The purpose of the Drama Club is to learn about acting, play production, and stage work culminating with two play nights.
Drama Club consists of two groups of students: the play cast and the stage crew.  Being a part of Drama Club is a commitment through the end of April.  Each group will meet according to the schedule that will be handed out before cast tryouts.  Please note that there may be times in which the Drama Club will be asked to stay longer or to attend additional practices/meetings; these dates and times will be announced in advance.  All Drama Club members will also be required to attend both play nights.
This year (2013-2014), drama club will be putting on 1 show, to be announced at our callout meeting on monday, 11/18.  Please continue to check back to this website and listen to the announcements for meeting info and updates!  This year's show will be in the spring with performances on Friday, April 18th and Saturday, April 19th.