Provide an academic program
 that challenges, supports, and
 prepares all students for
 educational opportunities in a
 globally competitive environment.
 Be strong advocates for
 student, share a common
 vision and engage in open
 and ongoing communication.
 Provide the optimal learning
 environment to support
 academic programs.
 Attract and maintain the most
 qualified staff in all areas.
Our Mission | To develop knowledgeable,
        confident and responsible citizens.
Our Vision l Center Grove Community
School Corporation is the focal point for
the community in White River Township.
The future success of students depends
upon a strong and integrated foundation
of school, home and community.
Decisions are based on the best interests
of students. Continuous measurement
and assessment support educational
excellence. Our schools provide
"inspired leadership" to encourage and
enable all students to achieve their
highest potential.


A Message from
Richard Arkanoff
The Center Grove Community School
Corporation takes great pride in the quality
of education that is provided to our students.
Parents, community members, students, and
staff members have high expectations in
helping to prepare our students for the world
in which they live.
The key to our students' success is through
the collaborative efforts of our stakeholders.
A strategic plan is a prime example of such
collaboration. It is the product of hard work
between board members, teachers,
administrators, staff, and community leaders.
This collaboration will not only help in
envisioning the future of the District, but also
in the development of a road map that will
take us there. By clearly articulating our
values, vision, mission, focus areas, goals
and objectives, we will be in the position to
continue in the direction of educational
excellence. read more>


Real-Time View of Center
Grove's Strategic Plan Process

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  Strategic Planning
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