Parents who have educational concerns regarding their children are encouraged to speak directly with their child's teacher. If the teacher is not able to resolve the issue, your child's principal is the next step. There are times when parents don't agree with a decision made by a principal. In those situations, a parent is welcome to appeal the concern to the corporation level. Barring any procedural misstep or employee negligence, the director of the relevant department will serve as the final step in the appeal process. For example, most educational issues will be addressed through the Department of Teaching and Learning (formerly Curriculum). In those situations, Nora Hoover will meet with parents to discuss their concerns. He is the final step in the appeal of all educational decisions made at the school corporation level.

    Parents who wish to meet with Dr. Arkanoff regarding a concern or situation are welcome to do so. However, his review of an educational decision is to ensure that the process was followed in accordance with corporation policy and practice. That policy is outlined in School Board policy 9130. This includes a review of any concerns regarding a staff member’s job performance in relationship to the decision (for example: unprofessional or incomplete job performance by staff members.)  

    Because the Superintendent does not have the daily interaction with students that Teachers, Principals and Directors enjoy, he does not feel it is appropriate for him to overturn an educational decision made by our corporation specialists, unless that decision was in violation of a policy. Dr. Arkanoff welcomes public input on corporation policy and procedures.