• Student Activity Center

    1. What are your anticipated operating expenses for the Student Activity Center?

    • The operating expenses will be included with those of the high school, since this facility is an addition to the high school, not a separate structure. Our engineers estimate operating expenses, including utilities and custodial costs, to be between $105,000 and $125,000. Those costs will be finalized once the interior design is determined.
    • The operating costs are separate from the building of the facility. The increase in operating costs for this additional space at the high school will not result in an increase in the School Corporation’s tax rate, nor would the building of the space itself.

    2. What is the maintenance and replacement cost expected with the floor surface planned in the Student Activity Center?

    • Architect Bill Payne estimated the cost of the multi-purpose flooring based on two similar products. Both offer an industry standard 10-year warranty. However, other schools who've installed these products share that the life span is significantly longer than 10 years. One facility is at 20 years and another at 28 years since installation of their floors. Another option for an equivalent price is a high quality poured flooring system. Mr. Payne indicates that these poured flooring systems exhibit a similar lifespan, which can be extended by recoating. He is confident that whichever flooring is used, it would last beyond 20 years.

    3. What kind of seating will be available for events in the Student Activity Center?

    • We plan to handle seating at events with portable bleachers.

    4. Who do you expect will use the Student Activity Center?

    • The facility would serve a wide range of needs of the nearly 2,500 Center Grove High School students and help alleviate the lack of gym and indoor practice/gathering space the high school faces. The weight room expansion will alleviate the safety concern created by the volume of students working in the current space constraints. The weight room serves more than 550 students per year and every athletic team.
    • We have created a “sample” schedule to illustrate how the activity center would be utilized. That schedule is available at this link.


    5. The Superintendent has made presentations to coaches and parent groups about the Student Activity Center. Is that presentation available to the public?

    • The project design is far from final. The Superintendent has presented very preliminary information and layouts to various user groups to get their input. Changes have been made and additional changes are expected. A PDF of the presentation given this fall is available at this link.  
    6. Why does the building cost $10 million? Is that so you can avoid a referendum on the project?
    • As we stated in our May 11, 2015 community forum, one of our goals was to maintain the current tax rate for White River Township residents. If the project cost more than $10 million, it would increase the tax rate, which is why it was limited to$10 million. If bids for the project come in higher than $10 million, the project will be scaled back to keep it at or under $10 million.

    7. Why was the community not included in the decision-making for this project?

    • Many members of the community have been involved in the discussion of the need for this kind of a facility for several years. It was brought up by the first Strategic Planning Committee in 2011 and again in the second Strategic Planning Committee in 2014. It was also noted during by the Center Grove 100 community group during their meetings in 2014 and 2015.
    • Center Grove hosted a community forum on long-range planning for facilities in May. All members of the community were invited to attend. Publicity for the forum included emails to all parents, staff, and community members who are in our database, a graphic on the district’s home page advertising the event an article in the district’s community newsletter, the Grove Gazette, which was published in March and sent via email to 11,000 community members (100 copies are also printed and delivered to area nursing homes and the White River Twp. Public Library).
      • The Daily Journal and Southside Times both ran stories before the meeting.
    • Ahead of the May public meeting, a web page was created on our district website that included information about the long-range planning process and a link to provide feedback on what facilities needs had yet to be met for our students.
    • Following the meeting, the full presentation was posted on the district’s website, along with a list of all comments made during the meeting. As new comments were shared, they were added to the website.
      • A Daily Journal reporter attended the meeting and published a story that included the email to provide input.
    • Center Grove’s June community newsletter included another article on long-range planning and information on how to provide feedback.
    • In June, Center Grove’s Board of School Trustees voted to approve a recommendation to contract with an architect to design a structure that would fit as many of the needs shared in the community forum as possible. Their meetings are available via a live webstream and archived video. All agendas and minutes are posted on the district’s website.
      • The Daily Journal covered the June board meeting and ran a story.
    • In August, Center Grove’s Board of School Trustees conducted a 1028 Preliminary Determination Hearing on the student activity center. Notice of the hearing was printed in the Daily Journal. The meeting was also available via a live webstream and the archive video is available. All agendas and minutes are posted on the district’s website.
      • The Daily Journal published the notice of the hearing and ran a story about the upcoming hearing before the meeting, and additional stories following the meeting.

    8. Can employees sign or carry petitions in support of or against the facility during the remonstrance?

    • Yes, employees can sign petitions, carry petitions, and campaign for or against the proposed project outside of their normal work hours and off of school property. A few employees, including the superintendent and a few director-level employees in the corporation, can have more involvement in the campaign. Information on permitted and prohibited activities is available at this link.
    9. Are you planning to close the West Gym if the Student Activity Center is built?
    • No. There are no immediate plans to close the West Gym.
    10. What are your plans to replace the parking spaces that would be lost if the Student Activity Center is built?
    • We regularly evaluate the traffic flow and parking capacity on our campuses with traffic engineers. We will have them develop a plan to replace the lost spaces.


     This page will be updated as new questions are asked.