• The Distance Learning Playbook Graded K-12

    by Douglas Fisher, Nancy Frey, John Hattie Year Published: 2020
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  • The Growth Mindset Playbook

    by Anni Brock and Heather Hundley Year Published: 2017
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  • The Growth Mindset

    by Annie Brock and Heather Hundley Year Published: 2016
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  • The New Art and Science of Teaching

    by Robert J. Marzano Year Published: 2017
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  • Teach-To's: 100 Behavior Lesson Plans and Essential Advice

    by Rick Dahlgren Year Published: 2012 Classroom Management/Behavior

    Teach-To's Manual - provides 100 behavior lesson plans and essential advice to encourage high expectations and winning classroom behavior! The 2012 edition provides new strategies and perspectives. This is an integral part of the Time To Teach Program.

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  • Time to Teach: Encouragement, Empowerment, and Excellence in Every Classroom

    by Rick Dahlgren and Judy Hyatt Year Published: 2008 Classroom Management/Behavior

    This manual describes the Highly Effective, Praised & Researched Based - Time To Teach Classroom Management Program. Easy to implement, worth its weight in gold. See why thousands of teachers within 100's of school districts are using this method today.

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  • What to Do with the Kid Who...

    by Kay Burke Year Published: 1992 Classroom Management/Behavior

    This bestseller offers user-friendly strategies and templates to help new and experienced K-12 teachers proactively address common disciplinary issues before they become major problems. Readers will discover practical techniques for establishing a classroom climate that fosters respect and a love for learning. 

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  • What Do I Do When...?

    by Allen N. Mendler Year Published: 1992 Classroom Management/Behavior

    What Do I Do When...? reviews and updates the principles upon which the Discipline With Dignity program (created by Drs. Allen Mendler and Richard Curwin) is founded. It summarizes the key methods and describes some new approaches to difficult behavior. It also addresses motivations for student misbehavior, principles behind effective disciple, the process of changing the focus of discipline, and the most effective classroom methods of discipline. Educators will learn how to deal with power struggles, how to implement unconventional methods of discipline, effective strategies for working with parents, and ways to have an impact on schoolwide discipline.

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  • Teaching with Love and Logic

    by Jim Fay and David Funk Year Published: 1995 Classroom Management/Behavior

    Teachers often find themselves facing a variety of classroom situations never covered in initial training. This valuable resource helps teachers increase skills, enhance professional development and maximize classroom learning time. Discover why Love and Logic works in the school environment and understand the psychological reasons for its effectiveness. Jim Fay and David Funk's truly positive approach and time-tested ideas and strategies will empower teachers to effectively manage classroom dynamics while bringing the joy back to teaching.

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  • Motivating Students Who Don't Care

    by Allen N. Mendler Year Published: 2000 Classroom Management/Behavior

    Motivating Students Who Don't Care is a comprehensive and practical guide for reconnecting with discouraged students and reawakening their excitement and enthusiasm for learning.

    With proven strategies from the classroom, this resource identifies five effective processes the reader can use to reawaken motivation in students who aren't prepared, don't care, and won't work. These processes include emphasizing effort, creating hope, respecting power, building relationships, and expressing enthusiasm. Each process is fully explained and illustrated with proven strategies from the classroom. Questions for reflection will help the reader identify motivating strategies and apply the five key processes to the challenge of changing students lives.

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  • Managing the Madness

    by Jack C. Berckemeyer Year Published: 2009 Classroom Management/Behavior

    In the pages of Managing the Madness you ll find innovative and specific ideas on discipline, humor, technology integration, student-teacher interactions, attention grabbers, classroom management, and much more. He tackles the most awkward situations that arise in middle level classrooms that are not often considered in other books.

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