Explanation of the Specials Grades



    Students earn an S+ by applying and utilizing concepts and skills  

    with independence.  A student earning an S+ independently masters  

    knowledge in ways that demonstrate higher level thinking skills.  

    Typically, a few students perform at this level, achieving above and  

    beyond expectations.



    Students earning an S demonstrate understanding of grade level  

    skills and concepts and require minimal support. An S throughout the  

    school year indicates strong, excellent work at grade level. This  

    mark is the GOAL for the grade level and should be celebrated. These  

    grades should NOT be considered equivalent to A B C D or F.



    Students earning an S- are developing and progressing toward basic  

    understanding of grade level concepts and skills with assistance. A  

    student earning an S- has not yet met the standards but is  

    progressing toward achieving skills and learning grade level  

    concepts. Moderate support from teachers, parents, and/or peers is  

    needed. An S- indicates ongoing growth and progress with modest gains.



    Students earning a U show an emerging awareness of concepts and  

    skills. A student earning a U is currently not meeting the grade  

    level standards. The student demonstrates an inconsistent  

    understanding and application of knowledge. More practice is needed  

    from students with intervention from teachers and parents.