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  • Jacob Leachman-Center Grove Middle School North Athletic Trainer 

    Jacob Is entering his 1st year as a Certified Athletic Trainer at Center Grove Middle School North.  He is a 2019 graduate of Franklin College with a bachelor of science degree in Exercise Science and a 2020 graduate of Franklin College with a master’s of science in athletic training. His CGMSN duties include: practice and game coverage, evaluation, treatment/rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and organization and administration.  He is employed by Indiana University Health Sports Medicine Outreach.  Jacob is a CGMSN and CGHS (15’) alum. His passion began at CGHS watching Dave Buchholz work as an athletic trainer. He is thrilled to be working under such a great mentor and to be a Trojan once again!  Jacob has one brother Matthew Leachman and lives with his parents (still) Jeff and Sheila Leachman.

    Center Grove Athletic Training Mission Statement 

    Center Grove Athletic Training is committed to delivering quality healthcare to our student-athletes, middle school through high school. It is our desire to provide a foundation for the development of the Center Grove student-athletes through injury prevention, injury evaluation, rehabilitation & treatment. Our objective is to address the healthcare needs of each individual student-athlete and to return them to play as quickly and safely as possible.  

    The Profession of Athletic Training

    Athletic Training is an allied health care field specializing in the prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries.  Certified Athletic Trainers must attend an educational institution accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Athletic Training and pass the Board of Certification Examination administered by the National Athletic Training Association Board of Certification.  An Athletic Trainer in Indiana must be licensed by the  Indiana Professional Licensing Agency to practice.  The Athletic Trainer must also complete a minimum of 50 continuing education hours every 2 years and maintain CPR/AED certification to retain their certified status.

    The Athletic Trainer is the first responder to the vast majority of injuries that occur in athletics.  They perform the emergency medical management and initial assessment of the injury.  Following that, they help establish a plan of care that may include getting the injured athlete into an appropriate physician, treatment and rehabilitation of the injury to allow the athlete to return to play in a safer and more comfortable manner. Athletic Training continues to retain the respect of other health professions and athletic associations. 


    Athletic Trainers are most commonly found working in the realm of professional, collegiate and high school athletics. The role of the athletic trainer has expanded in recent years. Athletic Trainers work with the military, in workplaces, in outpatient physical therapy centers, and assist physicians in the care of their patients. 




    Center Grove Central 

    Located inside the Cardio Lab (Turn left when approaching the west gym)

    Athletic training room open on Tuesday and Thursday, and 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM on Friday


    Center Grove North

    Located in Room 162C (Three doors down from the health rooms)

    Athletic training room open on Monday and Wednesday, and 2:00 PM-4:00 PM on Fridays




    Central: 882-9391 ext 2119

    North: 885-8800 ext 5362