• FIVE Steps in Negotiations

    Step 1:  Jointly define the conflict

    • Describe what you want

    • Describe how you feel

    • Listen carefully to other’s wants and feelings

    • Jointly define the conflict as a mutual problem

    • Jointly define the conflict as small and specific

    *Don’t confuse letting others know what you want with demanding that they act as you think they should.

    Step 2:  Exchange reasons for positions

    • Express cooperative intentions

    • Present reasons and listen

    • Focus on wants and needs, not positions

    • Clarify differences

    • Empower the other through flexibility or choices among options

    Step 3:  Reverse perspectives

    • Take the other’s perspective and understand how the conflict appears to that person.   (from Stephen Covey:  Seek first to understand, then to be understood.)

    Step 4:  Invent options for mutual benefit

    • Generate at least 3 possible plans to allow for more creativity.

    Step 5:  Reach a wise agreement

    • Agreement meets legitimate needs of all

    • Agreement has potential to benefit all

    • Agreement and process strengthens cooperation and relationship

    • Agreement and process strengthens potential to resolve future conflicts constructively