• Given in the spring
    • Given to all third graders in the state 
    •  The test is testing comprehension and basic reading skills. It is very on point with what students should know to move on to fourth grade!
    • If students do not pass in the spring, the state requires they attend a short summer school, in which they will take the test again at the end. 
    • Teachers, parents, and administrators will then determine what is best for the child when moving forward with the next school year if students don't pass in summer school. 
    • Given in two parts; Part 1 is the extended response questions. Students will write explanations for their math answers and use the text to prove answers for reading. There is also a writing component. Part 2 is given after spring break and it is multiple choice. It is also the bulk of questions and points. 
    • It doesn't determine if a student moves to the next grade level. However, it helps educators understand what your child knows and how we can best teach them.