Lilly Teacher Creativity Grants

    • Kim Gill--Searching for My Three G’s:  Gala, Gerona and Grammar!--Kim will be living in the Catalan region of Spain attending the University of Gerona studying Catalan art and the Catalan language.
    • Danielle Myer--My Mentor and Me: To Broadway and Back Again—Danielle will be traveling with Kathleen Kersey, former high school drama director, to experience live performance theatre in Chicago, Stratford (Ontario) and New York.  They will participate in classes and workshops with world renowned stage actors and directors.
    • Jackie Fowler--Candid Camera: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly--In 1954, photographer Robert Frank received a Guggenheim grant “to photograph freely throughout the United States,” from which he produced an iconic book calledThe Americans.  In a style inspired by Frank’s straightforward photography, Jackie will photograph America more than 50 years later while driving through sections of the country.      
    • Jennifer Pickell-- Ice Age: The Dawn of Glacial Girl—Jennifer is going to study how Maine’s landscape has been shaped by glacial activity from the last ice age.


Last Modified on September 26, 2011