• High Ability: Extended Learning, Honors, Advanced Placement

  • Middle School Honors Classes

    Academically talented students, placed in interdisciplinary teams, are challenged as they participate in Honors Language Arts, Honors Math (Honors Math, Honors Pre-Algebra, Honors Algebra Topics or Honors Algebra I) and Honors Science curricula. Students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grade who qualify through standardized scores, teacher grades, teacher check lists, and criterion-referenced testing may participate in Honors Language Arts, Math, Science and Eighth Grade World Language.

    Screening, Identification, and Placement Procedures for the Honors Courses
    Students who wish to enroll in honors programs at the middle school level must demonstrate student performance in the top 20% of his/ her class. Students are encouraged to participate and should contact a building administrator if they need support in pursuing honors classes. School administration uses a matrix of multi-faceted assessments to help determine students who perform in the top 20% of their grade level. Below are the areas of assessment that are reviewed for each subject area.





    ISTEP + Statewide Testing: Part I for students in Grades 5-8.



    All student data are compiled and analyzed.  

    The corporation identification and placement committee meets to make final student selections.




    ISTEP+ Multiple Choice (Part II)

    Students are notified whether they were selected for Honors Language Arts, Math and/or Science during May or June. 

    Any appeals for reconsideration of course placement must be received in writing within 10 days after initial placement results are mailed to students.  Appeals Committee decisions are final.



    Program Expectations

    Movement from Regular Language Arts, Math and/or Science into Honors Sections
    Sometimes a student begins to perform at higher levels than demonstrated in the past.  In those cases, a move from a regular section of Language Arts and/or Math to an honors section may be warranted as the best academic placement for the child. 

    For those CG students who begin sixth, seventh, or eighth grade in regular sections, but whose performance is outstanding, a change to an Honors class may be in order.  For such a change to occur, the following criteria must be met: 

    1. The student consistently demonstrates strong performance in the language arts, math or science class and earns all A’s.
    2. The student scores a Pass Plus on the ISTEP+ for the subject in question.
    3. The student’s teacher of the core subject recommends the student for honors placement.  The teacher should contact the building principal to discuss new placement.
    4. Using the above data, the principal approves placement in the honors section.  Such changes in placement will only occur at the end of a nine-week grading period.

    Eighth grade students who enroll in the first year of World Language are able to work in advance of world language instruction in high school.  The following are grade requirements:

    • Students who receive a C+ or higher on their first semester grade (the average of the first and second nine weeks grades) and second semester grade (the average of the third and fourth nine weeks grades) will automatically be allowed to enroll in the second year of that language as a freshman.
    • Students who receive a C at either semester must obtain their teacher’s recommendation to move into the second year.
    • Students with a C- or below at either semester will not be allowed to enroll in the second year of that language but will be allowed to retake or audit the course as a freshman.

    Students meeting the proper grade requirements will earn high school credit.  The grade will appear on the high school transcript, and the grade will be figured into the high school GPA. If a student decides to retake the class for a different grade he/she must notify the middle and high school not to place the grade on his/her transcript.

    Students who take the first year of world language in eighth grade will be able to use this course as one of their foreign language requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma as long as the grade requirements are met (please consult the Center Grove High School Academic Guide).


    New Middle School Student

    If a new 6th grade student misses the late June testing session, the principal may make a decision regarding the student’s placement.  (New 7th-8th grade student – the building principal will determine student placement.)  For instance, if a family provides all of the supporting documentation listed in #4 on page 6 AND there is room in the existing honors classes, the principal may determine an honors placement for the student on a probationary basis.  At the end of each nine weeks, a review of the student’s performance will occur to determine if the placement is appropriate.


    Out of District Transfer Student

    Because of the date at which out of district students are accepted, placement decisions for students into CG programs will be made based on grades and previous testing done in former districts as well as available space in CG classes and programs. 

    Students entering grades 6-7-8 will be placed into grade level classrooms unless they were previously enrolled in honors middle school courses. If a student was previously enrolled in honors middle school courses, the principal will review the students grades, placement and previous testing and consult with the curriculum director if needed to determine appropriate placement. Additional testing may be scheduled if needed on an individual basis.


    Program Expectations, Probation and Discontinuation

    The purpose of these guidelines is not to be punitive, but to ensure that students are appropriately placed for their academic and emotional needs.

    Students enrolled in Honors classes are expected to maintain grades of 77% (C+) or better throughout their enrollment in the classes.  However, in those instances where a student’s academic performance declines, the following steps will be taken:

    • If a student receives a 73-76% (C) or lower at the end of the first, second, or fourth nine weeks grading period, he/she will be moved down a course level at the start of the following grading period.
    • If the student receives a 73-76% (C) or lower at the end of the third nine weeks grading period, he/she will remain in the class through the school year, but moved down a course level at the start of the next school year.

    This will occur after parents and students are contacted throughout the nine weeks.

    For example:
    • Honors Plus Math………….Honors Math
    • Honors Math…………….....Math
    • Honors Language Arts…...Language Arts

     ***Note: The student, parent, teacher, school administrator, or central office administrator reserve the right to bypass this procedure and request a student’s removal from the program.


      A    100-93
      A-   92-90
      B+  89-87
      B    86-83
      B-   82-80
      C+ 79-77
      C   76-73
      C-  72-70
      D+  69-67
      D   66-63
      D-  62-60
      F    59 and below


    It is desired that students will continue in the honors classes throughout the middle school years. If, however, the program is found to be an inappropriate educational placement for the child and the child moves to another class, the middle school principal will collaborate with the school counselor, team teacher, and/or parent to decide a better placement for the student.


    Middle School to High School Placement

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do middle school honors classes impact high school classes?
    The primary difference is in the area of math. Students in 6th grade Honors Pre-Algebra typically take high school Honors Algebra I in eighth grade, while students  enrolled in 6th grade Honors Math typically take Honors Algebra I in ninth grade.

    Will a student who takes middle school Honors classes during the middle school years automatically qualify for Honors or Advanced Placement classes at the high school?
    No. Students are recommended by a review committee for placement in high school honors classes. However, students may also self-select and enroll in honors or Advanced Placement courses. Our experience has taught us that students can be very successful in advanced courses if they are motivated to work hard.

    Will middle school students who do not take honors classes be excluded from Honors and Advanced Placement courses in high school?
    No. The above answer pertains to this question as well.