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  • Dan Gemeinhart lives in a small town in the middle of Washington State with his wife and three young daughters. He was a teacher-librarian in an elementary school for fourteen years. He also plays guitar and enjoys reading. He was born in Frankfurt, Germany because his father was in the Army. His family moved A LOT when he was growing up, so he went to a different school almost every year until he was in middle school. That was tough, but it also gave him a lot of interesting experiences and probably ended up making him a stronger, more confident person. He finished high school in Kennewick, Washington, where he met this girl named Karen. He went to college at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington, where he studied history and how to be a teacher. When he graduated, he maried that girl named Karen. They taught for awhile in Cairo, Egypt, where they rode camels and climbed the pyramids. After Egypt, they moved to Wenatchee, Washington, where he got his dream job as a librarian. His wife is a high school English teacher in nearby Cashmere, where they live with their three daughters. Dan wrote for TEN YEARS before finally getting his first book published. It was totally worth all the work and wait. Dan does not believe in giving up and doesn't think that you should, either. He is the author of five novels.

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    Dan Gemeinhart Books:

    The Honest Truth

    Some Kind of Courage

    Scar Island

    Good Dog

    The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise


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