• Redistricting 2019-2020


    1. Will one of the two proposed maps be the final choice for boundaries?
      • The Redistricting Committee will review the results from the feedback survey on both of the proposed boundary options. They may choose to select one of those options or they may adjust the boundaries to create a new option before taking a final recommendation to the Board of School Trustees in February.
    2. Will the Essential Skills or Extended Learning programs be moved from their current schools?
      • At this time, the are no plans to relocate those programs. 
    3. Why are more students assigned to Middle School Central than Middle School North?
      • The northern three elementary schools that feed into Middle School North have smaller capacity than the three southern elementary schools that feed into Middle School Central. 
      • According to our Facility Utilization Study, the building capacity of MSC is between 1022 and 1227.  Middle School Central’s current room utilization (71.43%) is based on each classroom being unoccupied for two periods each day (MS teachers have one individual prep period and one team prep period each day). Capacity can be increased by utilizing those classrooms during those currently unoccupied periods. Modifying the classroom usage will increase the ideal capacity.
    4. How long will the survey be open on the proposed boundary options?
      • The feedback survey will close at 8:00 a.m. on January 15th.
    5. When will a final decision be made on the new boundaries?
      • Results from the feedback survey on the two proposed boundary options will be reviewed by the redistricting committee in January. The redistricting committee will determine what adjustments need to be made before taking a final recommendation to the Board of School Trustees in February.
    6. A friend saw a map with new boundaries in early November. Was a preliminary boundary map created at that time?
      • Preliminary maps were created by the committee at their November 29 meeting. Preliminary options were presented at a Community Work Session on January 8, 2019. They are posted at this link.
    7. How will students find out they are moving?
      • Students in the neighborhoods who will change schools will receive a letter in the mail in the spring from the principal of their new school about transitioning to their new school. Parent input forms for elementary teacher assignments will be distributed to parents. Student Services Coordinators will meet in May to go over parent input forms and other transition information for each student and discuss students with additional and/or special needs. Transitioning students will also be invited to Meet and Greet events at their new schools in late April/May.
    8. Why are you moving some of the middle school students too?
      • Middle school assignments follow elementary school assignments. North Grove Elementary, Pleasant Grove Elementary, and Sugar Grove Elementary students will all attend Middle School North. Center Grove Elementary, Maple Grove Elementary, and Walnut Grove Elementary students will attend Middle School Central.
    9. Will students be allowed to request transfers to stay at their 18-19 school?
    10. If a student applies for and is granted a transfer to stay at his/her current school, will bus transportation be provided to that school?
      • No. Bus transportation is only provided to assigned schools. Additional information is available on the Transfer Requests page.
    11. Is what sport a student plays in middle school a factor in whether they are allowed to transfer to the other middle school?
      • No. Extra-curricular information is not part of the Transfer Application.

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