Walnut Grove Elementary School
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    LOCATION: 4079 North Morgantown Road, Bargersville, IN
    ACREAGE:  57.5 acres
    CAPACITY: Approximately 800 students
    GRADES: K-5
    SQUARE FOOTAGE: 110,000
    FLOORS: Two

    Walnut Grove will be the first Center Grove school to utilize solar energy. An array of solar panels will be installed on the school grounds. This array will produce enough energy to offset a portion of the electricity being used by the building. Solar power will also be used to heat the building’s water.

    The landscape around Walnut Grove will have a prairie theme. This will allow for the growth of natural grasses and plants, which reduces maintenance costs.

    The exterior canopy of Walnut Grove has structural columns which branch out very much like a grove of Walnut trees right at the front door. The exterior color palette will relate directly to Center Grove High School with two brick colors, red and a dark brown, and a buff-colored limestone.

    Walnut Grove’s classrooms will be separated into three groups. Grade K-1 and 2-3 will be on the first floor of the building. Grades 4-5 will be on the second floor. Each group of grades is a smaller community of classrooms with lots of flexibility and glass walls that open to shared ‘hearth rooms.’ These shared spaces encourage collaboration and are ideal for collaborative learning across the grade-level.  

    The interior finishes of the building theme around the Walnut tree. Each of the three communities of grades has a specific interior finish color and pattern. Grades K-1 have a green-themed corridor relating to the walnut seed and springtime. The grades 2-3 corridor is red, relating to roots and summer. The Grades 4-5 corridor has yellow finishes relating to leaves and fall. Shared learning spaces (Media, Art, Music, STEM, etc.) have a blue theme, relating to sky, water, and winter.

    One of the unique features in the school is a learning staircase. This space will provide opportunities for larger-group instruction and additional access to the second floor.