• SKIPPING STARS is a before school activity for all 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade boys and girls at MG. Students will learn to perform all kinds of rope jumping skills with short and long ropes. Parents will drop students off at door 4 at 8am and Mr. Doyle will send them on to school at 8:45.  Cost for skipping stars is $12.  $12 will cover the cost of the skipping stars tshirt.  Jump ropes can be purchased in the book store before school right after the bell rings for $2.  Skipping stars will start before school on Friday, February 11th for 8 weeks and end on Friday, April 15th.  Mr. Doyle will start handing out permission slips when school resumes after Winter break....around January 11th.  Permission slips can be found outside Mr Doyle's office doors on the window sill or print from below.

    Skipping Star COACH TRYOUTS WILL BE FRIDAY JANUARY 21st AND JANUARY 28th at 8am before school.  Basically the Skipping Star Coaches will be the coaches for Mr Doyle during skipping stars on Fridays.  They might perform a show during the school programs.  Here are the requirements to become coach:

    MUST BE ABLE TO SUCCESSFULLY PERFORM 7 OF THESE 8 SKILLS: Video of these jumps can be found on the MG website under activities

    50 speed jumps

    5 double unders

    5 forward criss-cross

    5 backward criss-cross

    10 side crosses

    right jump hit jump jump

    left jump hit jump jump

    1 right mad dog or 1 left mad dog


    Permission slip can be printed off below:


    My child, ________________________________, has permission to participate in skipping stars.


    Parent Signature:_______________________________ Room#:______________  Phone#:______________________


    Shirt size: circle one: YS   YM   YL   AS   AM   AL   AXL


    I've enclosed extra money to put toward someone that might not be able to afford it. $_________________