August 2019 - Altered Drop-Off Instructions

  • CGHS will have an altered parent drop-off process during construction on the Hall of Excellence entrance (Door 9). Students will not be permitted to walk along the construction fence.

    The Hall of Excellence (Door 9) location is the only designated parent drop-off/pick-up location at CGHS. Parents should enter our campus for drop-off/pick-up on Pennington Drive and follow the drop-off lane between the Student Activity Center and the Football Stadium. The drop-off zone extends along the left curb from just beyond the construction fence up to just beyond the speed bump prior to the student crosswalk. (See map below.)

    Parents should always pull as far forward as possible before allowing their child to exit/enter the vehicle and should never allow their student to exit/enter the vehicle until they have passed the construction fence. Stopping short causes traffic behind to be delayed unnecessarily. Please ask your student to have all items gathered and to be ready to exit the car as soon as you stop.

    CGHS Parent Drop-Off

    Parents should not drop off or pick up students at any other location on campus. This is for their safety, the safety of others, and to ensure that our traffic flows according to design. Everyone needs to be patient, follow the designated drop-off plan, and stay alert for the directions of our CGPD officers and administrators.

    New Stoplight
    This summer, a new stoplight was installed at the intersection of Stones Crossing Road and Trojan Lane. The light includes turn arrows to help regulate traffic flow before and after school and during big events. Along with the light, there are new lane markings and crosswalks. Please pay close attention to those new lane markings and be patient while we adjust the timing of the lights to best regulate traffic flow.

    South Lot Closure
    Part of the south parking lot is closed for construction on the new pool. The pool will be built just west of the Student Activity Center and will be connected to the high school building. The Hall of Excellence entrance (Door 9) will serve as the primary access for the weight room and Vandermeer gymnasium during construction.