• Center Grove Community School Corporation

    Skyward Food Service Account (Staff Instructions)

    1. Open e-Funds in a browser window: https://payments.efundsforschools.com/v3/districts/55395
    2. Choose "Fund Lunch"
    3. Create an account, so you won’t have to fill in your information every time, or choose Guest.
      • If you have children in the CG District and already use e-Funds, you should be able to use your existing account and add a student “yourself” to fund it.
    4. Once logged in your account, choose "Add students" (yourself).
    5. Your Student/Family Number is your KEYPAD number and can be found in Skyward Employee Access.
      • Employee Info>Personal Info>Custom Forms>Food Service Keypad Number.  It is a 5-digit number. 
      • If your keypad number is blank, please contact Angie Blair
    6. Enter your last name and Keypad number into Efunds student look up.
    7. All Staff members will be located at Center Grove High School for our accounting purposes. 
      • If you work in a different building it will still say High School, but you will still be able to fund your lunch account.
    8. Choose your name and enter the amount you would like to add to your account. 
    9. Click "Add to Cart".
    10. Begin Checkout, add a new Credit/Debit card and complete all the required fields.

    You can log in to your Efunds account to check balance. Money deposited to e-Funds will be available in 1-2 hours.