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    CGCSC is utilizing a Blended Model for Traditional students at CGHS, MSC, and MSN. (View the calendar.) Additional information about Blended Model is available on the CGCSC Return to School Plan.

    Center Grove will follow the school calendar that is published on our website.  If eLearning is needed for an extended period of time, consideration will be given to the number of and structure for eLearning days per week.  Teachers and students should plan on participating in learning (in-person or eLearning) on each school day on our calendar.


    What is eLearning?

    If a school or the district is required to close for a few days or for an extended period of time, learning will be delivered through our learning management system (LMS) Canvas.  We refer to this type of learning as eLearning.  Once the closure order was lifted, students would return to in-person learning.


     What is Canvas?

      • Canvas is the Learning Management System used to deliver lessons and schoolwork to students in Center Grove during eLearning, Blended Learning, and in many cases, during traditional school schedules.
      • Students will log into Canvas using their school-issued username and password
      • Access Canvas by clicking the following link:  Canvas LMS


    Need Support?

      • If your student is having difficulty accessing an assignment, trouble with their school-issued device, or other obstacles to the completion of their daily work, please use the HELP link at the top of the page or access the eLearning Support page through the link below:
      • HELP:  eLearning Support & Resources