Legacy Awards

    Center Grove honored 41 current, former, and retired teachers with Legacy Awards at the 2008 Teacher Celebration on May 19, 2008. Center Grove High School seniors each nominate the teacher who has made the greatest impact on them during their time in Center Grove schools. This was the first year of the Legacy Awards. 


    This year’s winners are...

    Center Grove Elementary School
    Sharon Brenton (retired)
    Deette Durbin (retired)

    Maple Grove Elementary School
    Ron Hobson
    Melinda Talbott

    North Grove Elementary School
    Jan Gee
    Amy Merritt
    Lynda Olson (in memoriam)

    Pleasant Grove Elementary School
    Twyla Habig (retired)
    Victoria House
    Tom Klem (retired)

    Sugar Grove Elementary School
    Connie Diaz
    Jen Parker
    Doug Wooton

      West Grove Elementary School
    Terry West



    Center Grove Middle School Central
    Randy Allen
    Dan Andersen
    Paula Busse (retired)
    Alisa Isaacs
    Linda Morgan (retired)
    Gary Robinson
    Kathy Sagorsky
    Jeanne Schwarz
    Roz VanAlstyne
    Steve Wessling

    Center Grove Middle School North
    Rose Ann Fohey
    Joann Gantz
    Rick Miller
    David Wilkerson (retired)

    Center Grove High School
    Carol Boarman
    Karen Davis
    Wes Dodson
    Amy Fix
    Krista Hensley
    Jo Jones
    Cliff Hawkins
    Cale Hoover
    Danielle Myers
    Mark Scanlan
    Kevin Schuessler
    Melissa Warner
    Ken Wilson

    * Denotes no longer with CGCSC