Legacy Awards

    Center Grove honored 36 current, former, and retired teachers with Legacy Awards at the 2011 Teacher Celebration. Center Grove High School seniors each nominate the teacher who has made the greatest impact on them during their time in Center Grove schools. 


    This year’s winners are...

    Center Grove Elementary School
    Sharon Decker
    Bev Ladyga
    Jan McNaught
    Peggy Young

    Maple Grove Elementary School
    Connie Deiwert
    Ron Hobson
    Jan Taylor

    North Grove Elementary School
    Penny Poynter
    Doris Sherfy

    Pleasant Grove Elementary School
    Candice Brookhouse
    Paula Butcher
    Twyla Habig
    Victoria House
    Amy Traut

    Sugar Grove Elementary School
    Pam Calvert
    Connie Diaz
    Janice Shaeffer
    Doug Wooton


    Center Grove Middle School Central
    Dan Andersen
    Tracy McMahen
    Tracy Poole
    Gary Robinson
    Kathy Sagorsky

    Center Grove Middle School North
    RoseAnn Fohey
    Joann Gantz
    Beth Heavin
    Rick Miller

    Center Grove High School
    Wes Dodson
    Amy Fix
    John Frank
    Brent Harrell
    Gerald Maguire
    Martin Mills
    Dawna Montgomery
    Courtney Olsen
    Ken Wilson