MetroNet Free Internet Offer

  • MetroNet

    Due to recent events surrounding the COVID-19 virus, MetroNet realizes your household’s needs for reliable internet may change in the coming days. We want to assure you, our 100% fiber-optic network was built for critical times such as these, as your demand for faster connections and more bandwidth may increase, due to more devices being online, allowing you to work from home, complete online classwork, and fill the downtimes while streaming, surfing, and gaming. 

    MetroNet is offering free Internet for 2 months to Indianapolis-area households in which a student resides.  


    1. Sign up for service at
      • NOTE:  You will see our regular Internet rates at signup but follow the remaining steps and the Internet charge will be waived.
    2.  You will receive a confirmation email once signup is complete.
    3.  Forward the confirmation email to Please include the promo code INDYSCHOOLS in the subject line, and attach a photo of a student picture ID or a virtual homework email message for verification.
    4.  MetroNet will then waive your Internet charges, which will be valid for 60 days from the processing date.
    5.  You will receive a confirmation from a MetroNet representative that this has been completed.