• January BowenJANUARY BOWEN

    Center Grove Middle School North


    16.5 Years of Teaching; 3.5 Years at Center Grove 

    To me, teaching is important because...

    To me, teaching is important because it is where the rest of students' lives begin and I get to be a part of it.  Teaching middle school is where personal autonomy begins, so the student/teacher relationship is more deeply rooted.  Students want so much to be their own individual with their own thoughts and dreams for their lives, so I am able to be a part of developing those.  Teaching allows me to love students who need love, provide structure to those needing more definite boundaries, and instill confidence in those who need to believe in themselves more, while simultaneously introducing them to many areas of science.  Through teaching middle school, I hope to spark an interest among all students that will allow them to learn, grow, and live a successful high school and adult life.  Yes, teaching students skills they need in order to be successful in my classroom is important, but I believe it is my greater duty to show them how to believe in themselves.  Throughout my years, I have learned that there is a recipe to a successful teaching career: building and maintaining relationships and empowering the adolescent mind and THAT is what makes teaching so important.