Center Grove Technology Department

Mobile Minds FAQ

  • What are the apps that are required?

  • What do I do if I want my student to use his/her own iPad, instead of renting one from the school?

  • If we have our own devices, do they need to be an Apple iPad or can it be any kind of tablet - like a Galaxy?

  • Which version of the iPad will the school be distributing?

  • Will the iPad's iBook feature or the Kindle app integration be used to replace textbooks where possible?

  • Does this mean there will be no textbooks at all, therefore, no textbook rental fees? Only the fee for iPad rental? Or, how will this work?

  • Is this an optional program?

  • Will there be any assistance with the cost of the iPad rental similar to textbook assistance that my student usually receives?

  • Will students be offered a chance to purchase iPads at a discounted price through Center Grove?

  • Why do you not accept iPad minis?

  • Will rented iPads be required to have a data package and who pays for that?

  • Will all classes be offered on iPads—or will students still have some textbooks?

  • If I purchased an iPad from the high school, how much would it cost?

  • Since I will have 2 kids at the high school, that means each of them would have to have one, correct?

  • Will students be able to download additional apps?