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  • StudentSquare, the company operating our app, allows users to select their preferred language and notification delivery method. When a message is posted, users have the options to get an email, text or both email and text. Users can also decide if they want an Instant message or a Digest email that comes at 6:00 pm with all the messages for the day.

    • Log into your StudentSquare account. On your home page select the down arrow next to your name. This will be in the upper right-hand corner of the page.
    • Click on My Account.
    • Select "Change this" under the Language Setting or the Notification Setting.

    ParentSquare - Computer Notification 1

  • Select your notification settings and click Save if you make any changes. To change to a Digest email where you receive one communication with the posts from the day, change your notification frequency at the bottom.

    ParentSquare - Computer Notification 2