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  • Note: If you have already been using StudentSquare on another device (e.g., iPad), you'll need to use your StudentSquare login for the mobile app.  If you have not been using StudentSquare at all yet, then you will be asked to create a password, which will also work for your StudentSquare account on other devices.

    Notification Settings:

    StudentSquare allows users to select their preferred notification delivery method.  When a message is posted, users have the options to get an email, text, and/or app notification.  Users can also decide if they want an instant email each time or a digest email that comes at 6:00 pm with all the messages for the day.

    Here's how to set preferences for notifications:

    1. Click on the 3 lines icon in the upper left corner
      Mobile - Parent Square 1
    2. Select preferences.
      Mobile - Parent Square 2

    3. Click on Notification Settings
      Mobile - Parent Square 5

    4. You can create several preferences here.
      1. Select or unselect your choices for receiving messages.
      2. You can also choose to receive instant emails or one email digest at the end of the day (text messages and app notifications are always instant).
      3. To change app push notification settings, click on “Tap to view/change push notification settings.
        Mobile - Parent Square 6  Mobile - Parent Square 7

    5. iOS: Go to Notifications in your phone settings and select the StudentSquare app to turn app notifications on or off, and to select the style (banner, badge, sound, etc.).
      Mobile - Notifications 1 IOS  Mobile - Notifications 2 IOS

    6. Android: Go to Notifications in your phone settings and select the StudentSquare app to set the level of notification.
       Mobile - Notifications 1 Android  Mobile - Notifications 2 Android
  • Setting Language:

    1. Open the app
    2. Click on the three lines in the left corner
    3. Click on Account
    4. Click on Preferences
    5. Click Language Setting
    6. Choose the language of your choice

     Mobile - Parent Square 1  

    Mobile - Parent Square 2

    Mobile - Parent Square 3

    Mobile - Parent Square 4