• School Counseling & Mental Health

Q&A: Social Emotional Learning

  • How will CG handle absences when a family chooses to pull out their child during the SEL special? 

  • What is Social Emotional Learning?

  • What are the roles and responsibilities of an SEL counselor?

  • How were the SEL counselors chosen?

  • What are the data points that support social emotional learning?

  • What is prevention teaching?

  • How will you know which special is "media" and which is SEL?

  • Can we opt-out of SEL in grades K-5? Why can’t it be opt-in?

  • What and when will secondary (6-12 grade) students receive SEL instruction?

  • Is teaching SEL required in Indiana schools?

Q&A: Panorama SEL Survey

  • What questions are asked on the Panorama surveys?

  • How will Panorama data be stored?

  • What is the Panorama survey used for?

  • How can we opt out of Panorama? Why can’t it be opt-in?

  • Who has access to Panorama student specific results?

  • How long is the data kept in Panorma’s system, and how will information be stored and acted upon?

  • Is Panorama a mental health assessment?

  • What responses on the Panorama survey would trigger "red flags"? And if a red flag is triggered, what action is taken to address or communicate with the child or parents about it?

Q&A: Other Topics

  • Why are you focusing on racism? That makes it worse.

  • If racism is taught at home why is the school addressing it?

  • Who will evaluate the books available in the library and Scholastic Book Fairs?