• Superintendent Expectations

  • 1. Child Centered
  • 2. Respectful
  • 3. Visible
  • 4. Organized
  • 5. Enthusiastic
  • 6. Communicator
  • 7. Collaborative
  • 8. Positive Role Model
  • 9. Forgiving
  • 10. Professional
  • 11. Proactive
  • 12. Positive
  • Be Respectful Icon EXPECTATION #2:

    Respect is the glue that holds your relationships together. Learn ways to be respectful and know what to do when somebody isn’t respectful towards you.


    What does any Respect mean?

    1. An attitude of deference, admiration, or esteem; regard.
    2. The state of being honored or esteemed.
    3. A detail, point, or characteristic; particular.

    What are the 3 types of respect?

    Some research reports that there are three main types of respect: categorical, positional, and performance and it argues that looking at the tensions between these three types of respect is a fruitful way to read cultural changes regarding the expectations of treatment that are formed in social interactions.

    Three Types of Self-Respect - ResearchGate

    How to Show Respect

    1. Listen to others.
    2. Affirm people's opinions.
    3. Empathize with different perspectives.
    4. Disagree respectfully.
    5. Apologize when you're in the wrong.
    6. Call out disrespectful behavior.
    7. Show gratitude.
    8. Compliment the achievements of others.