Center Grove High School 


    39.5 Years of Teaching; 39.5 Years at Center Grove 


    To me, teaching is important because...

    When growing up, I loved being in school, taking part in athletics and being around my friends. I contribute that to all the wonderful teachers I had going through school. From the time I was a sophomore in high school, I wanted to be a teacher and coach. I knew I wanted to coach gymnastics and track, but at that time I was not sure which area of discipline I wanted to further my education in.  Math was my favorite subject and I had some outstanding math teachers. I remember sitting in Mr. McKowen's math class my senior year, loving the course, his teaching style and helping some of the other students struggling in the course. I can vividly recall thinking to myself, "This is the subject I want to teach!" I don't think I would be in this profession if it wasn't for all the teachers I had growing up that I admired and looked up to. I became a teacher because I believed I could be that role model for students and help to mold them into productive citizens.