Maple Grove Elementary School


    11 Years of Teaching; 6 Years at Center Grove 


    To me, teaching is important because

    In my eyes, teaching means more than assessments and passing grades and reading levels. The students in my classroom wake up every day facing challenges that many others can only imagine. Teaching my students the foundational skills that they will need moving forward in their life is extremely important to me; skills like how to feed themselves, how to use the restroom on their own, how to sit and stay in an area, how to walk- all of these things will help not only my students to live a more fulfilling life, but it will help their families as well.  I teach because I want my students to be able to thrive in a society where many people view them as 'different' and incapable, when in fact, they are so undeniably capable of achieving so much more than they're given credit for.