• Cynthia CullomRACHEL CLINE

    Walnut Grove Elementary School

    GRADE 2

    11 Years of Teaching; 6 Years at Center Grove 


    To me, teaching is important because...

    To me, teaching is important because every day as a teacher matters. Every single day, and each moment in teaching makes a difference. Each year, we have a new group of students come to us with a variety of different backgrounds, levels of need, and personalities. As teachers, we use every second of each day to make a difference in those students' lives! As teachers, we have the privilege of getting our class lists in August, and by May, those children have become like family to us, and there’s no other profession quite like that! To this day, I can still vividly remember my teachers throughout my schooling, and each and every one of those teachers made a positive difference in my life. Teachers devote endless hours, energy, and their heart and soul to meet the needs of each and every child that walks into their classroom. They think of how they can make that difference from the time they wake up in the morning to when they lay their head down at night, and sometimes even throughout the night. Any teacher I know would do just about anything to help each and every child in their classroom to be successful, and that in itself is an incredibly important thing!  While teachers devote endless time and energy to help their students be successful in their academics, the true teacher teaches the whole child. They work hard to ensure that every part of each of their students is successful in the time they are with them and work hard to make sure that that is also the case in the future. Teaching is most important because we have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of each and every student, family, and staff member that we come in contact with, and I am thankful for each day that I get to be a part of this profession that is so very important!