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  • Center Grove High School RC Flying Club:


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    Upcoming Events:

    • Community Fly-In Fundraisers: Noon-4pm, Student Activity Center: (Pilots: $10.00 Landing Fee)
      • 3/25/23: noon - 4pm
      • 4/8/23: Swap Meet (8:00am - noon) | Fly-In (noon - 4:00pm)

    Community Fly-In

    Swap Meet and Indoor Fly-In Information:

    • 4/8/2023: Swap Meet and Indoor Community Fly-In:
      • Swap Meet: 8am - noon 
      • Community Indoor Flying Club Fundraiser: Noon - 4pm
    • Swap Meet Registration:
      • Vendors or if you are interested in selling your items at the swap meet: Please fill out this Registration form.

    More Information:

    Swap Meet Page 1

    Swap Meet 2023 Flyer Page 2

    PDF: RC Swap Meet Flyer

    Student Activity Center Flight Plan:

    The flight plan will have pattern flying over and around courts 1-3 for the first 3 hours with a curtain down in between courts 3 and 4.  3D flying will be flown on court 4 during this same timeframe.  With one hour remaining, the curtain will go up and we will have open flying. 

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