• Portrait of a Center Grove Graduate



    The Center Grove High School graduate is highly sought-after because he/she has earned the highest-level diploma possible (e.g. CORE 40, CORE 40 with Academic Honors, CORE 40 with Technical Honors, etc.), and is prepared for post-secondary success. Furthermore, he/she is honest, trustworthy, responsible, resilient, organized, and self-confident. Prepared for a productive and purposeful life, the graduate possesses:

    21st Century Skills 

    The Center Grove High School graduate:
    • values learning and understands that it is a life-long process
    • understands career options and pathways to their attainment
    • possesses a solid foundation in the core academic areas
    • performs at high levels on a variety of assessments

    Technology Skills

    The Center Grove High School graduate:
    • uses technology knowledgeably and ethically
    • adapts well to the evolution of software and hardware
    • selects appropriate technology to accomplish tasks
    • integrates technology appropriately to acquire knowledge and advance learning

    Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills

    The Center Grove High School graduate:
    • uses appropriate learning strategies to acquire and apply new knowledge
    • reasons logically and draws conclusions effectively
    • finds and solves problems successfully
    • is a versatile and adaptable employee

    Interpersonal and Collaborative Skills

    The Center Grove High School graduate:
    • contributes ideas and hard work to group efforts
    • leads productively by conveying expectations clearly and motivating others
    • collaborates productively with others from diverse backgrounds
    • recognizes and respects others’ points of view
    • works toward consensus and negotiates solutions
    • communicates effectively in multiple ways to diverse audiences

    Citizenship and Stewardship Skills

    The Center Grove High School graduate:
    • applies knowledge and skills to living and working in communities that are rowing   and changing
    • understands the importance of health and wellness
    • recognizes and responds to societal needs
    • values and participates in our representative democracy
    • helps to conserve resources and preserve the environment for future generations
    • understands and accepts diversity