A BIG WELCOME to Center Grove Middle School Central!

    We are going to have a SUPER year! As we continue this journey, one very simple thing is evident at Central…this staff focuses daily on excellence. Each staff member has high expectations of themselves and in turn will have high expectations of our students. We will start by creating an environment that is welcoming and safe. We will strive to create engaging and rigorous learning experiences that will push each child to reach their highest potential. We believe that during middle school students should experience variety and use this window of time to dream, explore, and achieve! This will allow them to gain the necessary skills to be fully prepared for High School and beyond.

    Middle School Central’s program offerings are designed to meet this unique age. We are here to support students in their academic and social growth. We know that this is a time in their development that they are changing physically and emotionally more than any other time in their life. We will utilize best practices to design lessons that focus on standards-based content while simultaneously building character. This will help each child meet our high expectations for learning and behavior.

    We look forward to partnering with each and every student, parent, and community member. I am committed to communicating openly our areas of growth, our efforts to improve, and most importantly celebrations of our success! TOGETHER, we can accomplish anything!


    Mr. Craig Smith
    Proud Principal