Book Beat Team 2019

    Book Beat 2019    


     Lillian Speight, Camille Grove, Ava Cuskaden

    Kayley Miller, Meraj Syeda, Nasser Sanwari

    Peyton Cripe, Adam Schifeling, Alex Vasser, Austin Clark 





                                                                                                   The YHBA

    BOOK BEAT Challenge

    Are you ready for it?

    This year the IMC staff is throwing out the challenge for

    CGMSC students to read as many of this year’s
    YHBA books as possible. 

    Hopefully, you’ll be one of those to take us up

    on the challenge and read all twenty titles.

    If you read enough you will be eligible to be on

    the Book Beat Team and travel to Clark Pleasant Middle School. 

     It’s a fun and challenging reading program
    sponsored by the IMC that encourages
    students to read the YHBA

     Young Hoosier Book Award nominees

    which are a collection of highly recommended books.
      These books can be found both in the IMC

     and with each Language Arts teacher.