• What is Reading Workshop?
    Its main focus is to foster a love for reading within our students, and to differentiate, or personalize, instruction in order to accomodate the learning needs of all students. 
    The students take  more responsibility for their reading while choosing books that are "just right" for them.  They often provide written responses to the literature they read.  Students share their reading experiences and knowledge gained with each other through book talks and share time.
    The teachers teach strategy and skill mini-lessons with students as a whole group.  The teacher differentiates instruction for students by conferring with them about the literature students choose to read during independet reading time. Teachers also differentiate by reading with students in small group settings.  Teachers keep notes of student learning and progress from both of these experiences. 
    What are the components of Reading Workshop?
    Reading Workshop consists of:
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    1.  Mini-lesson and read aloud                  
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    2.  Independent reading (teachers confer with students)
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    3.  Share time (whole class/partner)
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    4.  Guided reading (Whole group and/or small/flexible group instruction to reinforce skill/strategy)
Last Modified on August 16, 2010