• Congratulations to Center Grove High School Student Council

    As 1200 guests descended onto our campus on the morning of June 26, there was an energy present in our school that could not be matched.  It was the moment of truth and dreams come true as a result of the hard work of our steering committee, the CGHS faculty, custodians, and administrators, the corporation transportation, security, and maintenance departments, the 250+ volunteers, the state guides, the community dinner hosts... so many people who made this possible.  Our guests' gracious positive comments confirmed that hard work had paid off, because they created memories to last a lifetime, they learned valuable leadership lessons, and they felt motivated to go make a difference in their own communities.
    We are proud to have hosted such as successful event.  We are proud of our student leaders -- 23 of them -- who made their own vision a reality.  We are proud that we did it at Center Grove High School!
    If you joined us for any of the conference, we hope you experienced the magic.  If you did not, please know that whatever contribution you may have made -- big or small -- we are grateful.
    -----Center Grove High School Student Council

Last Modified on August 11, 2010